Video: Watch painful moment of Antonio Rudiger’s unexpected slip that led to Karim Benzema’ winning goal against Chelsea

Chelsea beat Real Madrid in the Champions League 3-2 but their comeback fell agonizingly short as Karim Benzema haunted the Blues again. It was a painful moment as Antonio Rudiger slipped unexpectedly while the ball was crossed and Benzema took advantage of that and scored with a powerful header.

This happened in the first half of extra-time while Chelsea were still leading 3-1, and hoping to play the match to the end with a positive result. Vini Jr dribbled past a Chelsea defender and sent the ball to Benzema who headed the ball with precision and Mendy had no chance of saving it.

Watch the video of the painful moment as Antonio Rudiger’s unexpectedly slipped and Karim Benzema took advantage to score the winning goal against Chelsea below.

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