Video: Watch Chelsea midfielder Jorginho’ heartbreaking reactions after Italy fail to qualify for 2022 World Cup

Chelsea midfielder Jorginho was in tears after losing the chance to play in the 2022 World Cup after losing to North Macedonia in the playoff. He says his penalty failures in qualifying contributed to Italy’s World Cup elimination on Thursday night.

Before their playoff defeat to North Macedonia, Jorginho missed home and away against Switzerland. Former Napoli midfielder Jorginho said: “It is difficult to explain what happened.

“It hurts so much. I’ll be honest, I am still incredulous. I don’t think we lacked creativity, as we always dominated matches and created so many chances. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish them off.

“We played good football, we won the European Championship last summer, but unfortunately in the last few games, we made small errors and were unable to recover from them. They made the difference.”

On his penalties, Jorginho said: “It hurts when I think about it because I do still think about it and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. Stepping up there twice and not being able to help your team and your country is something that I will carry with me forever, and it weighs on me.

“People say we need to lift our heads and carry on, but it’s tough.” Watch Jorginho’s reactions below.

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