Top 7 Canadian Companies Hiring Right Now

Canada is an optimal destination for those pursuing a stable economy, promising career paths, enticing work perks, and an elevated standard of living. This nation provides abundant avenues for career progression. This post is tailored to your needs if you’re actively seeking employment. Here, we unveil the top 7 Canadian companies hiring right now.

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Top 7 Canadian Companies Hiring Right Now

Numerous Canadian enterprises are actively scouting for proficient professionals worldwide for remote and on-site roles. Among these, the current top 7 Canadian companies hiring right now:

McDonald’s Canada

When inquiring about Canadians’ initial work experiences, McDonald’s frequently emerges as a typical response. Dominating the fast-food sector, McDonald’s has established itself as a popular choice in Canada.

With over 1,400 restaurants across the nation, this company provides job opportunities to a multitude of individuals. McDonald’s Canada offers diverse roles, including crew members, shift managers, restaurant managers, and corporate positions in marketing, human resources, and finance.

They prioritize skill development and offer training programs that equip employees with essential proficiencies for future career prospects.

McDonald’s Canada appeals to those seeking job flexibility and offers attractive perks, including medical benefits like dental, disability, and life insurance, often reserved for full-time staff.

Moreover, McDonald’s Canada champions sustainability through initiatives aimed at waste reduction and environmental preservation. Additionally, the company extends a program enabling employees to advance in business diplomas and degrees based on their on-the-job experience. To apply, visit the company’s website and apply!


Cisco leads the frontier of technological advancements, encompassing a dynamic spectrum of innovations such as networking, security, collaboration, and cloud management.

Through these pioneering solutions, they pave the way for secure connections that link industries and communities. A formidable presence in the networking domain, Cisco ranks 64th on the prestigious Fortune 500 list.

Earning its position as one of the globe’s premier networking giants, the company boasts an impressive market capitalization surpassing $200 billion.

While headquartered in California, Cisco’s Canadian epicenter resides in Toronto, orchestrating operations worldwide with a robust team of over 70,000 professionals, including 1,700 within Canada and approximately 200 in British Columbia.

Incorporating the power of diversity, inclusivity, and altruism, Cisco upholds the principle that every individual within their organization should be celebrated, heard, honored, empowered, and wholeheartedly embraced.

Garnering accolades such as the 2019 Top Employer in Canada and recognition as one of the 2019 Best Workplaces for Inclusion, Cisco Canada actively seek individuals who possess an unwavering passion for driving change, boldly confronting challenges, and readily embracing novel opportunities. 

DHL Express

DHL Express is a leader in delivery transportation, specializing in a comprehensive array of services, including trucking, transfer services, freight logistics, warehousing, and customs distribution.

Their commitment to secure and dependable deliveries is further enhanced by offering security and insurance services.

With a global workforce comprising 120,000 dedicated colleagues spanning 220 countries, DHL Express has earned the distinguished honor of being recognized as the foremost global workplace, as evidenced by its top-ranking status in the annual list compiled by Great Place to Work™ (GPTW) in partnership with Fortune Magazine.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, DHL Express Canada stands at the forefront of aiding Canadians in navigating complex logistical landscapes. A testament to their dedication, the company prioritizes its workforce, recognizing that motivated and engaged employees are the cornerstone of their worldwide success and excellence.

Within the realm of DHL Express, the intrinsic value of their employees takes center stage. The company demonstrates this commitment through annual investments in various employee-driven initiatives. The ‘DHL’s Got Heart program stands as a prime example, actively encouraging and empowering employees to champion charitable causes close to their hearts.

The ‘Certified International Specialist’ (CIS) program further exemplifies this commitment, providing captivating training and knowledge led by esteemed senior leaders.

This equips employees with the requisite tools to deliver exceptional customer service consistently. Presently, DHL Express Canada is actively seeking new team members with an unwavering commitment to valuing the voice and contributions of each individual, regardless of their role.

Your presence will not only be esteemed, but it will also significantly shape the company’s trajectory. Furthermore, DHL Express ensures that your efforts will be duly acknowledged, genuinely appreciated, and fittingly rewarded for your positive impact on the organization.

Admiral Canada

Admiral Insurance is a renowned company from the United Kingdom and has extended its influence to Halifax, Canada.

The company’s remarkable culture, lauded with accolades for its unwavering commitment to upholding a harmonious work-life equilibrium, embracing innovative hybrid work practices, proffering acknowledgments and commendations, and nurturing internal career progression, has consistently garnered recognition as a leading employer in Atlantic Canada and one of the premier workplaces in the entire nation.

Despite undergoing substantial expansion, Admiral Canada has remained resolute in its adherence to core values and mission. Their steadfast dedication revolves around enhancing the well-being of their employees, customers, and community with unparalleled zeal. Their collaborative ethos drives them to pursue what is just and right relentlessly.

Spanning across diverse domains such as Sales, Customer Assurance, and Customer Loyalty, Admiral Canada is fervently committed to recruiting individuals poised to give their utmost, fostering a constructive impact.

Within the realms of this organization, an inclusive, open-minded, and respectful atmosphere takes root, encouraging employees to embark on journeys toward their career aspirations.

Moreover, an unwavering emphasis exists on recognizing each team member’s worth and celebrating their distinctive attributes and exceptional contributions.

A culture of openness and synergy is diligently nurtured through many avenues designed to facilitate the expression of ideas and opinions.

Employee forums, avenues for anonymous feedback, and company-wide pulse surveys stand testament to the commitment of Admiral Canada to embracing and amplifying every individual’s voice, ensuring that all perspectives are warmly welcomed and attentively heard.

Slalom Canada

Slalom is a multinational consulting powerhouse propelled by a resolute purpose that intersects business and technology.

The company’s indelible presence on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list for the 8th consecutive year underscores its unwavering commitment to a transformative mission – to illuminate boundless prospects, expedite progress, and cultivate a radiant future that touches the lives of all.

With a dedicated cadre of advisors, strategists, and engineers who center their efforts on the welfare of individuals, Slalom is an embodiment of integrity and a steadfast partner in your pursuit of aspirations and accomplishments.

Central to Slalom’s ethos is the belief in collective triumph, where each interaction fortifies organizations and forges the bedrock of trust to conquer the challenges ahead.

Within the fold of Slalom, as an employee, you unlock the gateway to a thrilling career journey brimming with the opportunity to relish life’s myriad joys.

The avenues for growth extend beyond mere office confines, echoing with the promise of a refreshing professional voyage – whether within the comfort of home or the bustling ambiance of the office. Embellished with robust, personalized benefits, Slalom’s support envelops you on multiple fronts – physically, mentally, emotionally, and beyond.

At Slalom, people reign supreme, their vision, purpose, and core values intricately woven into every facet of the company’s operations.

An ode to individuality resounds through the corridors, fostering an environment where authenticity thrives, kindling a sense of kinship and inclusiveness. Their ultimate aspiration unfurls as a tapestry of fulfillment and delight, poised to grace the tapestry of every individual’s professional and personal realms.


Deloitte unfurls an extensive tapestry of services, encompassing audit & assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and a constellation of related solutions.

This comprehensive array caters to an eclectic spectrum of public and private clients spanning diverse industries. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Deloitte’s influence emanates far and wide, weaving its threads into the fabric of four out of every five Fortune Global 500® companies.

A symphony of global member firms spanning more than 150 countries and territories forms the intricate web of Deloitte’s reach.

This expansive network allows Deloitte the prowess to contribute world-class capabilities, unveil precious insights, and render exceptional services, adeptly tackling even the most labyrinthine of business challenges confronting its clients.

Motivated by an ardent desire to encourage and uplift people, organizations, communities, and nations alike, Deloitte is a catalyst for prosperity and growth. Their mission, a clarion call to fashion a brighter tomorrow, hinges upon the rapid and pervasive dissemination of knowledge and expertise, enriching the tapestry of possibilities that unfold on the horizon.

A paradigm shift has occurred within Deloitte Canada, reshaping what a professional services firm embodies.

The company’s dedication is palpable in creating an environment where employees are not just engaged but inspired, empowered to unfurl their wings and soar while cultivating a profound sense of belonging.

Diversity and inclusion permeate every facet of Deloitte’s endeavors, a testament to the respect accorded to each voice and perspective that graces its corridors.

CGI Canada

CGI is a global powerhouse, orchestrating an expansive symphony of IT and business consulting services that resonate across the international landscape.

Anchored by its Montreal headquarters, CGI Canada emerges as a beacon of excellence, offering an all-encompassing tapestry of services that traverse the realms of strategic IT and business consulting, seamless systems integration, intellectual property innovation, and deftly managed IT and business process solutions.

This robust portfolio of offerings forms the cornerstone of CGI Canada’s commitment to crafting comprehensive solutions that catalyze progress and drive transformative change.

Emblazoned with a litany of accolades, including the prestigious titles of Canada’s Top Employer for Young People, Best Workplaces for Women Canada, and a distinguished spot among Canada’s Best Employers for Diversity, CGI Canada stands as a haven for those who aspire to cultivate thriving careers within a nurturing environment. Its workforce, a formidable brigade of over 11,000 professionals, forms a dynamic collective that transcends boundaries, extending its reach to embrace an eclectic array of industries.

CGI Canada’s impact ripples across the spectrum from the hallowed halls of financial services to the corridors of government, the galleries of health, the domains of telecommunications, the energy sector, the manufacturing landscape, and the vibrant retail arena.

Within this tapestry of talent and innovation, CGI Canada’s consultants and professionals are catalysts for meaningful change, propelling innovation forward and ushering in positive transformations that ripple through the fabric of industries.

A career within CGI promises diverse and purposeful projects and the opportunity to weave a global network of experts, fostering collaboration and igniting the flames of knowledge-sharing worldwide.

Why Choose a Career in Canada?

Opting for a career in Canada offers an array of compelling reasons for those driven to succeed. Here are some key highlights:

Elevated Quality of Life

Canada presents a superior quality of life, combining excellence with affordability. Its robust and stable economy paves the way for residents and citizens to relish a comfortable lifestyle, top-notch education, rewarding employment, healthcare, and more.

With its progressive policies and cutting-edge technologies, Canada is a modernized economy that delivers unparalleled living standards.

Natural Splendor

Residing in Canada ensures a high standard of living and quality of life and positively impacts your overall health and well-being.

This is attributed to the breathtaking natural beauty you can explore with your loved ones. Canada’s serene, soothing climate sets the stage for tranquillity.

Canada is a nature lover’s paradise with the world’s most lakes, captivating mountains, pristine beaches, meandering rivers, lush green landscapes, national and provincial parks teeming with wildlife, hiking trails, and summer and winter sports.

Limitless Career Opportunities

Canada extends a diverse spectrum of employment prospects to its citizens and immigrants. As an international student or foreign national in Canada, you can work part-time while pursuing your studies, eliminating the need for an additional work permit.

However, it’s important to note that a work permit is essential for employment in Canada. Obtaining a work permit is comparably straightforward, setting it apart from procedures in other nations.

Supplementary Work Perks

In addition to competitive salaries, many Canadian companies offer supplementary work benefits to their employees. Government-supported healthcare and corporate benefit schemes empower companies to extend cost-effective health plans to their workforce.

Attainable Cost of Living

Compared to other countries like the U.S., the UK, Germany, France, and Australia, Canada boasts a relatively manageable cost of living alongside its elevated standards.

While housing costs may fluctuate depending on your chosen location, the overall process remains transparent and devoid of excessive price tags.

Moreover, the expenses related to groceries, electricity, and other utilities are lower in Canada than in the U.S. Furthermore, Canada’s commendably common crime rate positions it as one of the safest places to reside and work.

In Conclusion

Many forward-thinking companies actively seek fresh talent to embark on exciting roles enriched with substantial benefits.

This article has expounded upon the top 7 Canadian companies hiring right now. It is imperative to evaluate these opportunities through the lens of your preferences and requirements and take the proactive stride of applying.

Remember, venturing forth is always more rewarding than not venturing at all, for it is in taking those chances that progress is achieved, as you miss every shot you abstain from taking.

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