Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel names two players who ‘deserve credit’ during the ‘cycle of improvement’

There is no domestic football at the moment, as the players are either on vacation or with their international duties.

It will most likely be a much-needed respite for Thomas Tuchel following a hectic few months with everything going on, as well as some time to contemplate ahead of the club’s major ownership changes.

He has led his team to victory in every game in March, and they have been in excellent form recently. Much of this is due to the attacking players’ willingness to step up and establish some consistency.

Two players in particular who have really stood up to be counted these last few weeks and have shown some great form are Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic, and they are the subject of recent praise from the head coach via the Chelsea website this week.

“Christian was in the same situation as Kai,” Tuchel said. “Both of them took the responsibility for the turnaround, so it is their responsibility, and they deserve the credit. They did amazing and you can see it on the pitch.

“If the players step up their responsibility on a daily basis and fight heavily for it and accept no excuses for themselves, and dig into the situation and dig their way out, then they will have our full support.

“Once this happens it is of course sometimes a give and takes, and then a positive cycle of improvement and support and you get the positive feedback and that is where Christian is at the moment.

“It is important, he is decisive and that is what we demand at the same time. We will keep on pushing them.”

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